Happiness is a state of mine!

Looks like with weather alternating between rainy days and warm humid weather, the cold/flu bugs will come visiting soon … already I am sniffing here and there .  Must definitely take more dosage of my Vitamin C 😉

Ok one of the thing that I enjoy doing while on duty at the loan counter is that I love to flip through books return by the students.  So while I was doing that, I came across this book entitled “Happiness is a state of mine” by Dr Maureen Neihart..

As I continue to read and flip through the books, my mind began to absorb a lot of gems that I think I could try and practice daily, something that will not only benefit myself but others as well.

One of the many examples written in the book, is on how to count our blessings.

A family actually make a practice to put a big book in their living room, which every member of the family will then fill up by writing down the blessings they had for the day. These books is used as a reminder every now and then to them on what they had gained on past and present experiences. This is how they maintain their feelings of being grateful for what they have daily. According to the author, this practice of recording has kept them hopeful and protect them from falling into fear and despair.

In the book, it is also explained that forgiveness is not a feeling, rather it is an act of will, a decision we make and choose to do. Forgiveness is an act and a process. It may take weeks, months and even years before we can fully forgive another. It is misguided to think just because we harbour recurring anger about a certain event or person, then it means we have not forgiven … but rather we are in the process but we just need to keep enforcing the feelings of forgiving others daily or for a prolonged period before the feelings of pain or other intense feelings abate.

Forgiving also does not mean we have to trust the offender especially in the case if the other party is bend on harming us. Sometimes, forgiving does not bring reconciliation. To reconcile, it means to trust and in most cases, people are willing to forgive but not to trust.

Forgiving is a process in which a person learn to accept the full reality of the loss and damage done and eventually come to terms about it.

In summary, our happiness in life is both in our hands and mind …. We have to keep looking out for the goodness and positive while facing the bad and negative in our life. Happiness in not about the self alone but how the self can share the joy and blessings with others as well.

Counting one’s blessings, being humble and grateful are traits we have to cultivate in order to feel true and lasting happiness.

A good book indeed! 🙂


PS : Today the 1st of October, Happy Children’s Day to all the children of the world!  ….. and on another note, it will be about another one and a half month more before the arrival of the two baby Hannans ….. feeling excited especially want to hug and kiss baby Hannan 1 … 😉    Loving the feeling of being an aunt hehee… ❤


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