Time and Relationships

Sometimes, I think it’s all about timing.

Meeting and parting with people, getting close, getting estranged, doing a task successfully or failing at something, all these usually happens at a certain timing and for a specific reason.

I think we could have done the reunion much earlier but for reasons unknown, it never occurred to any of us to do so until now.  So perhaps now  is the right timing.  Being in the 40s, makes one appreciate more about ties and memories of the past.

I am indeed glad to be able to reunite with my old friends from both primary and secondary schools now.  The sudden reconnection with one another burst open a flood of emotions …. Among these, an admission that I do missed them especially those that I was closed with during my days in schools.

These people are a part of my growing years and memories with them are indeed valuable.  Thank you for making these possible Ya Rabb!

On another note, parting of ways with people whom you love and has become close to and then finding that it’s moving away from you, is something that can be hurtful and sad.  Still, life goes on.

It has to because the people in our life are not the center of our being.  Relationships between people reminds me of a scenario of a person floating and moving slowly in the air and as he/she pass thru, will stop to greet others.  Sometimes these people that he/she greets, will come along because they have the same route to take, and when there came a detour or separate roads, they will part ways in order to keep moving to their final destination.  So there are time to say Hi and there are time to say Bye.

I don’t know about other people, but in my life, I have many people come and go, sometimes we part ways so beautifully and sometimes we part ways so negatively that I can’t even conjure any good memories anymore.   Looking back, there are few that has been in my life for so long but I never did get close to them until much later or until an event happened.  So thinking and reflecting on these, it’s really about timing …..  and that each of us,  it’s not just about interaction but more about being a catalyst in each other’s life.  Somehow, our role has an important part during the “timing” that has  been given to us.

L.I.F.E – Living, Interact, Feelings, Exit

That is what life means to me.

L –  Living as best as we can in the capacity that is given to us.

I –  Interact with other creations, learning from one another.

F – develop Feelings  for those good and bad experience we had.

E – learn to say Goodbyes.


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