The exhumation

Thursday, 12th Sept 2013.

Arrived at Pusara Aman around 8.40am. Waited for the officials from the exhumation office to give the go ahead took another half an hour.

Once we received the permission, each of us were told to go to our respective graves of our family members to witness the exhumation process.

My nephews went to their father’s grave, my BIL and my husband went to my father’s grave and I went to my mother’s.

Upon reaching the grave, it did not took long before the helper start to dig up the grave.

As I looked ….the more I looked, the more I recited the selawat and the more calm I felt.

The time that I spent observing the process of exhumation, the more truth I faced…..that we humans, regardless of who we are …different race, language and religion, we all will be in the same condition. Whatever status, riches or intelligent that we have, we will still be in the same condition at the end.

Beauty of the flesh, these are nothing more than a temporary holding for us. Ultimately we will all turn to become one with the earth.

So how could we even imagine to be proud, to be arrogant of what we think we have achieved?

Astaghfirullah! Indeed, its an awakening to observe these exhumation process.

Only my father has almost all of his bone intact while my mother left only a small portion of her skull and my brother-in-law, a small portion of the skull and a bone from his hand.

After all has been exhumed, we had to wait after zuhr before the process of re-burying began.

I was glad to know these beloved members of my family new grave is really nearby to my nephew. So much easier to visit them in future.

Once everything has been done. It was almost 3.30 pm.

By the time I reached home it was 4 pm. Exhausting yes but truly an eye-opener and memorable experience.



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