The path we walked ….

I was in the lift with a neighbour of mine. A young chap carrying his daughter, about 2 or 3 yrs. one hand holding her and another holding a big packet of pampers.

A scenario I used to be in many years ago. Be it sunny or rainy, from first to the 3rd child, I had been in the same situations.

Being a working parent was not easy, it is still not easy even after kids have grown bigger and more independent.

The most difficult period was after the birth of the youngest child.

From home, carrying her and making sure the two older kids walked next to me, we would make our way to the babysitter house at 6 am.

Luckily my babysitter was just a block away.

Then, we would take feeder bus to the interchange to take MRT to CCK where if weather is good we would walk to the childcare ctr. If it’s rain, then have to take the feeder bus.

After dropping them at the centre, I would then make my way down a few blocks away to wait for my transport to bring me to the office.

Evening, it would be the reverse way…. Childcare Ctr –> Babysitter —> Home.

The hardest time was during the fasting month. Most of the days, I would be breaking the fast on the road with the kids. We would just break with a piece of sweet and only upon reaching home, will the kids have a proper meal.

These scenes last till my eldest went to primary school. Then it became slightly better.

There’s one thing I enjoyed during the years we had to go through the long journey. I enjoyed the talks I had with my eldest. She took the opportunity to chat and confide in me. She was 5 yrs old at that time.

I became her listener and adviser. Now, many years later, it is the opposite 😉

My eldest has become my listener and adviser….she has grown into a matured thinking teenager. I am so grateful for that 🙂

Ahhh….its raining still. Somehow, raining days always make me reminisce past memories.

Lovely! 🙂


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