Sept – Happenings

September.  There are lots of things happening in this month.

–          Youngest daughter going off to Batam this Saturday as part of the school immersion programme.  She is indeed excited about it.  Can see the effort she makes such as making research on hygiene and putting them into slides to be shared with the orphans over at Batam.  She even bought toothbrush, lots of it, as gift to them.

–          The eldest daughter will be spending the whole week of her Sept school hols, revising and preparing for her N level exams.  She will be in school everyday.  Looks like no holidays for her until the N level is over.

–          The middle daughter, in now a trainee as a Student Councillor.  I was happy to hear that.  Hope she will do a good job and that this role will help to nurture her characters and personality in a more positive ways.  Also, she has       been working hard on her CCA that after the last performance that her group did, she came back and had fever.

–          Husband is now attending his security course.  Next week will be the assessment day and we are all hoping he will pass cos passing means he will have a chance at getting a job soon.

–          I had just completed and passed my Library Outreach module and now hoping to finish the other 6 modules in the next 2 years.

–          12th Sept, finally will be the day for the exhumation of my parents and BIL’s grave.  I have no idea what to expect cos this will be my first experience seeing a grave being exhume.   Going to do more prayers for their soul before the D-day.

Thinking and looking at what’s happening and going to happen, indeed what Rumi said is true.

“Travelers, it is late. Life’s sun is going to set. During these brief days that you have strength, be quick and spare no effort of your wings.” – Rumi

Indeed we are all travellers.  This life is a journey and since reaching the forties, I am very much aware of how shorter the distance between the existing life to the next lap.  So what days I have left … what have I done and what do I want to do?  Rumi said to spare no effort of my wings … so what do I have in mind and how to go about spreading my wings?

Argghhh ! No easy answers come to the mind … and for me, it has always been difficult to internalise what I have learnt.  Indeed it is easier said than done!

What the flesh desires and what the mind requires are poles apart and harder than anything else that I have come across.

Like the sun that set
Like the moon that rise
All I wish to get
Are nuggets of the wise

May I be given the opportunity and the ability to spread my wings strong and free …. To seek a  better and secure future in the next lap of my journey!

May the same be given to all …. Amin!

By the way, tomorrow is Teacher’s Day!

Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers be it those who teach in schools or at homes.



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