After 25 years ….

30th August 2013. Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant. Furama City Center Hotel.

A buffet dinner for our reunion … a reunion after a long 25 years.

Even though there was only 10 of us but it was still good. To see ex-classmates from BDSS was a heartwarming experience.

I had missed the first one they did a year ago, and glad I could make it this time round.

I was the first to arrive, the rest was either held by jam on the road or on their way to the hotel.

The second to arrive after me was Rafeah, then Zaki followed by Haidee and Noorizan. After that it was Rozain, Rahma and the only couple in our batch, Norlin and Mazlan … they both had their youngest son with them, a very adorable boy named Raihan. Last to arrive, our Orange Kristal aka Dalina πŸ™‚

The buffet spread was alright, not bad actually considering the price is the lowest I’ve come across for a buffet dinner.

It was good to hear all the reminiscing of old teachers, past stories of funny incidents during school times and to just catch up what has happened to each of us.

Among these friends, the ones I feel close to is Rahma, Norlin, Noorizan and Dalina. Rahma and I , we were like kindred spirit, both are loners, we neither belong to any groups except when we had to do group projects. We used to sit and talk together about things we share the same interestl. We used to be so on about Chinese drama, then Japanese and then Korean drama ….hehehe ….

Norlin, has an infectious laughter … she is still the same jovial person I knew long ago. Physically the same also, in fact most of us, do not change much over the years except for weight gained like me ….hehee

I remember Norlin as a kind friend. Since I was a loner, she always take the time to talk to me.

Noorizan, Dalina, Rafeah, Normah and the late Masturah …. these are my group friends. Any project we had, I would be in their group. We even go out for Hari Raya together. They are the jokers and I am usually just hanging around laughing.

Haidee and Mazlan … my fellow friends since primary school till secondary. In fact, I would say, I remember Haidee more that the rest cos I always see him more than the rest. He is also the most approachable among the guys friend I had.

Zaki, my memory of him was a guy who stood on his own beliefs and goals. A guy who was not swayed by the trends like other kids during our time.

Zaki and Norlin are teachers …. In fact, majority of my cohort are teachers. I would come across them if and when they come to NIE for courses πŸ™‚

I hope many more will be able to join us in the next reunion … hopefully can make it as annual event.

I’m glad I had this opportunity …. good memories are a treasure indeed!



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