My 3 days course

Thursday, 29th Aug 2013. The 3rd and final day of my course. I had to sit for a written course at the end of it and next week, I have to come back for a presentation and oral test. Phew!!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and experience I had in the class. My coursemates are wonderful people especially the instructor. Gained many gems of wisdom, tips and information from him.

Here’s a pix of some of the group works during the class.


Also, between lessons, we were served teabreaks and this one I loved the most …


oh! And I did managed to eat at Yellow Submarines, this fast food restaurant can only be found in Toa Payoh and it’s relatively quite new. Furthermore, it has a halal certification. I had high expectations of it but was rather dissappointed by the lack of variety and taste.

There was no sauce, only cheese and the beef was bland, no spices to add to its flavour. So I was pretty dissappointed. The only thing I like was the loaf, it was soft.

20130830-074525.jpgand now it’s back to work …. 🙂



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