The 20th year…


Happy Anniversary to us ..20 years together hmm … Alhamdulillah!

As usual, it’s my eldest sister in Brunei who reminded me of today’s event. Right after subuh, our hp beep. Her congratulatory message came via my family group watsapp. Thank you Kak!

Even then, I was busy getting ready so did not read until much later.

Before that, as I was ironing my clothes, my eldest daugther came up to me and said “Congratulations!”

Me : “for what?”
She: “your anniversary”
Me: “oohh ahhh yes hehee, thank you” I smiled aheepishly
She : “shakes her head”

Then I went up to my husband and asked him… “Bang!, you know what day is today? It’s our anni”

Him : “I’m cold!”

hahahaaa….. I laughed and my eldest snort and said “you and bapak are a weird couple” …. That just tickled me and I laughed out loud LOLSS 😉

Indeed, we don’t celebrate our anniversaries …no outing, no present etc.

Perhaps we are just not the romantic type 😉


2 thoughts on “The 20th year…

  1. Happy Anniversary Busu and Husband!Romantic in your own special way lah Busu….hee.May both of you continue to live in bliss till Jannah amin.Your dotter is truly cute lah.

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