The 20th year…


Happy Anniversary to us ..20 years together hmm … Alhamdulillah!

As usual, it’s my eldest sister in Brunei who reminded me of today’s event. Right after subuh, our hp beep. Her congratulatory message came via my family group watsapp. Thank you Kak!

Even then, I was busy getting ready so did not read until much later.

Before that, as I was ironing my clothes, my eldest daugther came up to me and said “Congratulations!”

Me : “for what?”
She: “your anniversary”
Me: “oohh ahhh yes hehee, thank you” I smiled aheepishly
She : “shakes her head”

Then I went up to my husband and asked him… “Bang!, you know what day is today? It’s our anni”

Him : “I’m cold!”

hahahaaa….. I laughed and my eldest snort and said “you and bapak are a weird couple” …. That just tickled me and I laughed out loud LOLSS 😉

Indeed, we don’t celebrate our anniversaries …no outing, no present etc.

Perhaps we are just not the romantic type 😉


2 thoughts on “The 20th year…

  1. Sri Ismail says:

    Happy Anniversary Busu and Husband!Romantic in your own special way lah Busu….hee.May both of you continue to live in bliss till Jannah amin.Your dotter is truly cute lah.

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