Vadai again and …

Never give up …that is how stubborn I can be ..well on certain matters only and when it comes to food, yup I will try again until I succeed.

This time I really blend the dhalls without water. Plus I add minced coriander leaves to the mixture and a bit of chilli powder so it has a spicy taste. Verdict? The taste is much more tastier but texture wise definitely still not the same as those being sold outside.

Since the kids and hubby said they prefer the texture of those being sold, so looks like I will try again … once I come across any “mamak” shop that sells the tosai flour. I know Mustaffa Ctr would have it but no mood to venture that far. So next time it is.



On another note, last Friday, due to the library course I’ll be attending in a few days, I called to change my appointment for my MG & US.  The only thing I can say about these two is that one is definitely painful and the other is not.  Unlucky me, the painful one I had to undergo twice in the same day 😦

MG really looks so sophisticated, I really admire the design just looking at it but as the recipient of its true nature, i do not like it!

Anyway, it’s over till the D-Day.

Tomorrow, the youngest girl last paper for her CA2.  Soon enough, results will be out and frankly I have not much confidence is her results, she has been extremely lazy.  If she does pass, most likely it would be borderline.

3/4 of the year has almost passed us by … soon it will be the end and a new year to look forward to …. time really passes by very fast  and so I’m just taking one day at a time.


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