Vadai oh vadai!

One of the things about me is that if I think to eat or cook something, it will be on my mind until I’ve done it.

So wanting to eat a home made vadai  (an Indian savoury snack) has been on my mind since last week and finally yesterday I did it! ::)

Truly satisfying, even though it did not turn out as I wanted it to. The mixture was a bit too wet to shape it like a donut, always has this problem because iI use normal blender. Using a dry blender would have help but I do not have one. Too bad!

At least look wise ti did not look like the original but tastewise it was good, even my sister and my bro-in-law said so.

This time I did not use urad dhall, instead I used channa dhall. There’s a difference between these two dhalls. When making using urad dhall, the taste and texture is different. Frankly, I like both.

Here’s how to make Vadai using channa dhalls.



Soak rice and channa dhalls separately for about 5 hrs.  Then drained and blend them.



Next, diced some onions, pound a bit of cumin seeds, sliced thinly some curry leaves (can also add some coriander leaves), minced 2-3 slices of ginger and salt to taste.  Add all of these to the dhall mixture.  Mix well.  The prawns, cleaned them and leave the shell intact.  Put it aside.

When ready to fry, heat oil enough for deep frying.  Take a bit of the mixture, enough to shape as a donut and stick one prawn at its side.  Gently let it slide into the frying pan.  Fry till golden brown and serve hot with green chillies.   If cannot get the donut shape, no worries, just make it into a flat round shape and fry them.



Home made Vadai … yummss!!!


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