Eid Mubarak @ 2013

Happy Eid everyone! 🙂

A good Eid it has been and though I am feeling tired, seeing my children enjoying their Eid, I feel grateful. Alhamdulillah!

Yesterday, the first day of Eid, we managed to fulfill part of my wishlist….to visit more of the elders from my husband side.

Even though based on my husband’s feedback, some of the siblings do not seem keen but nevertheless they still went with us.

The other part of the wishlist, I had to forgo as a compromised … Manusia merancang tapi Tuhan menentukan …so be it! Change will and can happen but have to be patience indeed.

As usual, in the midst of socialising, I will take time to reflect once I’m alone.

So today, I took a few minutes to think, ponder and reflect. My conclusion is I need to speak less in the company of others. I have a tendency to be defensive at times when the topic is not to my liking and upon reflecting, being quiet, and just listening is way better.

Hope I can remember this point and practice it in future.

Now, we are all waiting for husband to come back from Friday’s jum’ah. Then it will visiting mode again. This time to the elders from my side of the family.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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