An eventful Friday.

An event happened yesterday that shook my soul …. I was on the way back home from work, I called my sister thinking to ask her if she wants me to buy anything for her at Geylang since I plan to go there today but I found her crying over the phone, saying that her youngest daughter was still not back from school. Time was 5 pm at that time.

Immediately, I called my eldest daughter and told her to search around our house area and the BPP shopping centre.

Unknown to me, not only my eldest daughter but my husband and youngest also join forces to find her.

As for myself, the moment I reached BP, I dropped off near Greenridge cos her school is nearby that area and went to look for her also.

Alhamdulillah, not long after, I received a call from my sister, her daughter has reached home BUT we found out later that the reason she was not able to reach home earlier was because as she left school with her friend and an older sister of her friend, the three of them was chased by two Primary 4 students of the same school. The boys chased them for almost 2 hours and the sister of her friend was punched by one of the boys (ppor girl, her cheek was red and a bit swollen).  According to the girls, the boys even had a wood pole to hit them.  My niece had fall and her knees bruised while trying to escape from the boys.

I heard the story with anger and disbelief that the boys could do such a thing. What madness!!!

This incident has been reported to the school and they said they will take action against the boys on Monday.

I hope the parents of the boys will discipline them, only at age 10 and they do such things? If left alone, they could do more harm in future to other kids.

So to finish this story, we all ended up breaking our fast at my sister’s house.

Alhamdulillah, no serious injury or event happened to my niece.

What a shocker!

Ok on another note,  a happy one that is, as of today, I am on leave till next Sunday … yeay!!!  🙂

Even though it won’t be a leave of leisure … there are simply lots of things to do but I am happy to be on leave.  It has been my wish for so long to be on leave for the last few days of Ramadhan …. and funny thing is that, even though my wish is being fulfill right now but I am not given the opportunity to finish my fasting.  This is not a complain just stating out the irony …. Insya’Allah things that happens has its own benefits and blessings 🙂

Talking about blessings … Allah’s bounty to us has been flowing out almost regularly during this month.  Alhamdulillah … syukran Ya Rabb!

Yesterday, I received 4 bottles of Eid cookies from my sister and eldest nieces plus 4 cartons of drinks from my niece-in-law.  This year indeed no baking for me and I plan to just prepare syrup water for the guest and yet He has arranged for us to have some and more  🙂

Syukur tak terkata Ya Allah …. Thank you!


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