Thank You!

Another 8 days, and it will be time to say goodbye to Ramadhan

Feeling reluctant to see it go but I am indeed so very very thankful to the Almighty for giving me a most peaceful and blissful Ramadhan.

To me, this year’s Ramadhan has been the most wonderful of all …. Alhamdulillah!


Thank you Ya Rabb, for the inner peace, the many “rezki” you’ve bestowed on me be it directly from you and/or via your other servants.

May you reward those who have been a great help with many great rewards indeed! Amin amin amin …

Ya Rabb! You are indeed Most Generous, Most Merciful, Most Forgiving.  May you accept whatever deeds all of us has done during this beautiful month.

May we continue to receive your forgiveness and blessings in the coming days , months and years.  Amin!


“Verily with every difficulty, there will be ease” ….

Indeed this is true for from my own experiences, again and again Allah has shown He is the  Most Merciful and the Sustainer.




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