Self-note 1.3

Alhamdulillah, thanks to a post by a fellow blogger, I was reminded of the importance to be humble of heart.

It is indeed easy to say “I am humble” or “I am kind” or I am this and that etc.  But how true is that statement? None knows the truth better than our Creator.

So dear self, do remember, these points in the hope that the heart is truly a humble one.

– Never belief I am better than others. Irregardless of age, beauty, health, wealth, intelligence etc.

– Always look and consider that the other people are the ones who are better and superior to myself.

Example given by Imam Ghazali r.a. “If you see a child, you say “This person has never sinned against God but I have sinned and so he is better than I” And if you see an older person, you say, ‘This man was a servant of God before me, and is certainly better than I.”

– Strive to audit my own actions and words 24/7 wherever possible.

– Make supplication asking Allah to create a barrier between me and my sins so that they would never re-occur.

– Be kind and do no harm to myself and to others.






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