Friday visit to KKH

My eyes are so sleepy, I think despite the noise in the background, I could just easily sleep through it but alas! I can’t.

When we first arrived, there were only a few patients but now, an hour later, the place is more crowded and noisier.

Sounds of babies crying, parents talking and nurses calling patients’ names are the norm here at KKH Children’s A&E.

We are here because of my youngest daughter. She had fell from her school staircase in the morning but did not informed me until much later.

When I reached home she was lying down….she had difficulty with her movements and keep crying out in pain. Worried I decided to bring her here. Better to have a thorough check-up since she’s in so much pain.

Now we are still waiting for her x-ray results and while waiting …my eyes are drooping 😦

So to keep myself from getting sleepier, I decided to write.

I really hope we can go back soon.

A pic of the cute sign on the wheelchair

Ok to cut the story short …Our number was called as I was writing this and so after another hour, we are back home sweet home!

Alhamdulillah, no fracture and so doc prescribed pain killer and ointment for the affected area.

No PE lessons for 2 weeks.

She’s asleep now, next to me. Insisted I sleep with her tonight ….so ok lah give her some pampering 😉

Good nite peeps!


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