Self-note 1.2

Do not wait for hardship before turning to Allah s.w.t

Do not wait till old age comes before repenting

Do not wait for the heart to be ready or for the hair to turn white  before putting on the hijab

Do not be concern of fitnah, backbiting and excuses from others towards one self, be peaceful and learn to forgive.

Do not forget death comes when one is least expecting it …. it comes to all, irregardless of age.

Obey the commands of Allah s.w.t to the best ability that one can, be hunble, makes lots of du’a for a heart that is soft (humble), always strive t to audit one self, repent and do good unto one self and others.

Do not sit with those who scoff others, backbite others, utter offensive words ….. this if you want peace of heart.



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