Self-note 1.1

Note to the self:

Whether I am a good or bad servant/person, I can’t tell and only Allah s.w.t knows best the true colours of my self.

I can only hope and try to be good and I know I have to always audit myself to prevent from doing bad to others and to my self…be it my deeds, intentions, talking, writing etc

The month of Ramadhan is the month that somehow makes it so much easier to do so…all these are indeed blessings from Allah swt.

At times, it is better to be quiet and not talk just for the sake of being social…..this I usually do when I feel the need to do so because I am an introvert actually and at time the choice to be silent is to protect myself from being harm by others.

Upon reflection, I realise I am fragile inside ….easily hurt and quite sensitive especially towards those I care a lot.

I must learn to be less so if I want to have a peaceful heart …. care but not too deeply, love but not overwhelmingly…. Remember dear self, remember nothing should become more important in the heart except the thoughts of Allah s.wt, love towards Allah s.w.t and Rasulullah s.a.w.

When in need ….seek Allah first.

When in gratitude ….thank Allah first.

When in solitude….seek Allah first.

Hope, fear, repentance, gratitude, humbleness, audit, reflect and love …. I must always remember these keywords.



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