Spanish Omelette & Bruschetta

Today the kids wanted to have a western menu for the iftar (break fast) and so I decided on black pepper lamb, together with Spanish Omelette with tortilla chips and toasted bread eaten with 2 types of fillings …. Tomato with basil leaves & Fig with apple and tomato.

This is my first attempt at making both the Spanish Omelette and Bruschetta (toasted bread with fillings on top) .

I actually wanted to make the fig with olive fillings as shared by Chef Waleed but I could not find any olive at all. Went to NTUC and Cold Storage and there’s no olive to be found and so I substitute it with some diced tomatoes and diced apples and grind them and then sprinkle some cashew nuts over them (the cashew nuts supposed to be coarsely ground but my 2nd daughter did such a GOOOOD job with it that it turns to powdered cashew nuts instead hahahaa…)

As for the Tomato with basil leaves … you can find the recipe here though I omit the garlic and the vinegar.


The two types of Bruschetta


Spanish Omelette … I sprinkle the crush tortilla chips on top and add a few dashes of chili sauce

This Spanish Omelette is really really nice, whole family love it but then who wouldn’t love omelette right? …hehee

Definitely a dish that you can just eat it on its own.





To make the Spanish Omelette :

Ingredients :

Serve for 2 pax

2 potatoes – sliced thinly
1 onion – sliced thinly
1/2 tomato – diced
1/2 green capsicum – cut into strips thinly

all of the above – saute them with a little oil separately and put aside.

3-4 eggs – beaten with a bit of salt and black pepper powder

mozarella cheese

tortilla chips


Using a non-stick pan, add a little oil and when hot add the potatoes first … lined them till they cover the pan.

Pour the beaten eggs, then sprinkle the onions, capsicum and tomatoes on top. With a small fire, let it cook for a while.

Then add the mozarella cheese … spread it on top nicely. Once the bottom is firm enough, flip the omelette to the other side.

Once the other side is cook, scoop it out to a plate …. To serve, crush some tortilla chips and sprinkle chili sauce on top. Ready to serve!



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