Fig and Olive

Thanks to the communities in Facebook, I got to know of Chef Waleed’s FB.  Only today I had “LIKE” the page, and I am intrigue by this particular recipe that he shared over at FB.  Hope to try it out soon, in the meantime, I’m saving the recipe over here for my keepsake as well as to share with those who may not be using the facebook but are still  interested in trying out this recipe.  Here’s the extraction from his site.

“Recipe from the Quran: “By the fig and the olive والتين والزيتون” (At-Tin 95:1)


photo via Chef Waleed’s FB

Figs and Olives were mentioned in the same verse, but have you ever tried eating them mixed together?!

The sweetness of the figs, combined with the saltiness and bitterness of the olives creates a diverse bite of heaven!

Recipe from the Land of Andalus:

In a blender, put some figs and your favourite pitted olives (Calamata olives works very good) with little olive oil. The quantities depends on whether you prefer more sweetness or more savoriness, but as a start, use equal amounts, then adjust after tasting.
Blend a little, but not too much. You don’t want a paste, just tiny chunks of each. You may add a bit more olive oil and butter to give it more creaminess. Spread on toasted bread,”

Tips from Chef Waleed :

1. ” If you like the mixture to have some crunchiness, you can add some cashews in the blender. If you like juiciness, you can also add a tomato. The possibilities are limitless!”

2. Fresh figs are hard to find in some countries, so if you can’t find them fresh, you can easily find them dried. Just soak them in water for a few hours until they become soft, then use them in the recipe, but keep in mind, dried figs have a much stronger flavour than fresh ones, so start with a little then increase.”

via Chef Waleed –


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