Ramadhan reminisce – 1

Back when I was a young girl, at that time, my mother was still alive … I can recalled clearly how she would woke us up everyday around 4.30 am to have our “sahur” which can be considered as a kind of morning breakfast except that we have it before the break of dawn. When dawn came, no more eating or drinking as that is when we start our fasting till dusk.

My late mother used to make sure that we have a proper meal which include rice, fish/meat/seafood and vegetable. I missed those times, not just because there was my mum to pamper us but also because during those times, I need only to wake up and eat and that I do not have to think of what to cook …hehee

Life is indeed a cycle isn’t it? And now I’m a mother, my turn to prepare all these for my family and it’s my children turn to enjoy the pampering until they are ready to take up a wife and mother’s role 🙂

I think it is during this month that I missed my parents the most.

When I think of my mother, I will recalled all the things she did for us and her wonderful and delicious dishes.

When I think of my father, I will recalled his favourite drink during this blessed month.

My father loved his cucumber cooler. Everyday he will remind us to make it for him. Usually it’s either my 3rd sister or me who will do so. A simple cucumber cooler which is not just refreshing but taste good too!

hmmm … I think I will share how to make it over here. In fact, I did the cucumber cooler a few days ago. Really brings back the good old memories with my parents.

All you need to do is have a few cucumbers, shred them using a shredder. Then make some sugar syrup …. pour a bit of the syrup (how sweet depends on your preferance) in a glass, add enough shredded cucumber (about 1/2 or 3/4 full of the glass), then add water and a few ice to it. Sitr and voila! Ready for you to slurp away 🙂

20130711-070120.jpgCucumber cooler


Ramadhan tip : For those fasting, do take your sahur even if it’s just a drink because the deed itself is a blessing.

“Take sahur as it is a blessing” – Al-Bukhari and Muslim


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