Busy Thursday … so busy today that had not my colleague alerted me that it’s time to go home, I would have missed the bus just now.

Tomorrow another day with the same hectic schedule …. and these will continue till end of September … phew!!!!

I chose not to go out for lunch, instead asked my colleague to “tapau” for me. Here it is, my lunch, a “Sambal fish rice set” from Old Chang Kee …. one of my favourite among the foods served here at the campus 🙂



Oh! Yes, today, I finally got enough free tickets to the NDP 2013 preview.  Thanks again to the same colleague who generously offered them to me.  So looks like, insya’Allah this Saturday the girls and I will be down @ The Float.   I’m looking forward to this event cos for the first time in my life, I am finally able to watch the NDP parade “LIVE”!!! heheh …. everytime went online to register for the balloting always not successful but now FINALLY!!!!! … YEAYYYYY!!!! 🙂

20130704-203657.jpgThe NDP tickets

ok that’s all for today entry …. I’m feeling so so tired and my eyes are drooping even now … definitely an early night for me today … Good Nite!


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