Single trip

Yesterday, starting from 9 am till 4 plus in the afternoon …. I roamed to Woodlands, to Punggol, to Geyland and finally home sweet home … a single trip, just the way I like it 🙂

Had an enjoyable and many teaching moments while finding my way to Punggol to visit baby Naufal.  Ohhh! He is sooo cute and handsome … lovely to look and I simply love the feel of him in my arms.  Well, it has been a long time since I hold a baby so it was indeed a pleasure to be able to do so … looking forward for more chances to do so … 😉


Baby Naufal and his big brother, Nabil 🙂

Besides baby Naufal, there was one other thing at my colleague’s house that I was so excited to see … I like it soo much that I had to ask permission to take a photo of this room.  Simply fall in love with the glass study room.  If I have the money, I think I would do a similar concept for the one in my house.  Breaking the wall and using glass makes the living room more spacious and airy.


From Punggol,  I make my way to Geylang … was feeling a bit like a tourist in my own country because that was the first time I board the LRT from Punggol and then took the MRT and change to the Circle Line.  Had to do some look up here and there but all in all everything went smoothly.

I was early for my appointment with my SIL, so went to Selera Pelangi to have my lunch … the place was stuffy and as I sat eating my “Bubur Kampung” set, I had a feeling my headscarf gonna smell of oil ….. when I went out of the cafe …. hmm guess what? I WAS RIGHT …. the smell of the cafe stick to my scarf …. no choice but try to ignore it … best as I could 😦

20130701-155315.jpgBubur Kampung

Soon after,  I met with my SIL and my niece.  Alhamdulillah, the shopping trip went so well for my niece. She had a good deal for her clothes and I had a another good meal later too … thanks to the treat given by my SIL.  Yummss … Arnold Chickens is definitely better than KFC!

Oh yes! Almost forgot … while I was at TKC, I met a former blog friend …. so glad to meet her since the last time was more than 5 years ago … her youngest son is a big boy now 🙂

Meeting her brought back lots of memories …. happy ones 🙂

Yesterday … everything was perfect!  The weather was cool, my journey was smooth and I had the best companies to make my day.

Alhamdulillah 🙂


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