June birthdays …

First and foremost, congratulations to both my colleagues, Jacky and Nenny on the arrival of their newly born girl and boy respectively. These newborns are soo cute. Their arrival brought excitement and happiness to the workplace 🙂

It’s been ages since I hold a baby and I am so looking forward to carry Nenny’s baby boy, Naufal Hadif.. The other colleagues and I, we plan to pay a visit to see the newly born babies tomorrow. Can’t wait! 😉


Next, another June birthday celebration ….. my youngest is 11 yesterday.  Happy Birthday WQ!  The baby of the family is growing fast, from a baby of 3.4 kg born on 28th June, she is now 11 years old and is a tall and lanky girl.  May you be bless with a good life, dunia and akhirat my love … Amin!

She had actually requested an outing on her birthday … only she and I, both, to go out and watch a movie together.  Since this request was considered quite reasonable by me, I decided to accede to it.

So yesterday, both of us went to Lot 1 and watch “Monster University” together.   Nice movie! We both thoroughly enjoyed watching it 🙂

Then on the way back home, I bought her a birthday cake to be shared with the rest of the family members.  Lucky for her, her youngest cousin came by with her parents and so my WQ had more people to see her cutting the cake, making it merrier for her 😉

Besides the above, she also had doas and wishes sent to her from early dawn via watsapp.  She was tickled with pleasure when she read them and I, being the owner of the handphone became her secretary for awhile, replying thank yous …hehee



2 thoughts on “June birthdays …

  1. Oh Happy belated birthday to Wafa!Close birthdate with my boys eh Busu.May you be a successful muslimah here and hereafter amin.Dah besar,makin lawa anak busu ni.Congrats Busu for being a great mom!

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