A revisit to Tumblr

A good Saturday, the sky finally cleared of haze even though we were warned that it’s a temporary respite.  Truly does not matter, what matters is that at least for today, the sky is clear, the air is clear and finally I am able to open my windows wide open ..heh heh… 😉

I have been cooped up in the house for the last 3 days and tomorrow looks like it will be the same …. thanks to me being sick, having fever and coughing badly since Thursday night.

I feel bad for missing work but it can’t be helped really … with the haze it was just not feasible to force myself to go to work when I’m feeling sick.

Anyway, just now I finally went into my tumbler.com … ahh it’s been a while.  I think if its a house, it would be dusty since I have not been there for almost a year 😛

The first thing I saw when I entered my tumbler was this post by Nargessi … such a cutie, I simply LOVE it … 🙂


hahahaa…. can’t help laughing every time I look at it 🙂

Ok now another post on the tumblr which I want to reblog over here … something more serious.  Of parents and filial piety.  May each of us never lose the heart to be filial to our aged parents.  The wheel of life goes up and down …. one day we will be where they are right now.

“We don’t treat our parents well because they treated us well. We treat them well because Allah tells us to treat them well. In fact, if you have the most wicked parents on earth, it is the opportunity of a life time for you to prove that the only reason you treat them well is because Allah told you to treat them well. It’s very easy to treat your parents well when they cook for you, clean for you, serve you, treat you like a king. Of course you’re going to treat your parents well. There is no test there. The real test lies when your parents actually oppress you in a way that you feel is “oppressive.” Your own feeling it could be. But let’s say you feel that you are being oppressed. It’s in that circumstance that you have to stand up and do it for the sake of Allah (swt). Treat them with respect, honor, and dignity because Allah commanded you to do so.”
Sheikh Husain Abdul Sattar

I have to say, Tumblr has the most visual post ever … simply love the wonderful pictures and messages shared by fellow tumblrs …. will share more goodies when I have the time but for now enjoy the ones posted above 🙂


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