Of visitation

The idea to change how my family celebrate hari raya was mooted in the early 2000 if I’m not mistaken. At that time, I was very active in multiply.com and it was there that I first voiced out my intention to change the way Hari Raya was celebrated in Singapore.

There was a few comments by fellow multiply who actually agree on the need to change so that we can save time.

Somehow, the idea remains only an idea until last year.

Last year, with Allah’s permission I was finally able to executed part of the plan.

It was not really well-received by my husband’s siblings but quite surprisingly the relatives from my side was understanding and some even concur that it was a good idea.

So this year, we shall continue doing so and I believe one day this trend will catch with others as well. In fact, I do know of some family who had done this way longer than us.

Basically, the idea is to have less visitstion days yet within that short days to meet as many relatives and friends that we can.

Presently, during hari raya a lot of us visit one another on reciprocal approach… You know like….You come to my house and then I come to your house ….doing this means you get to meet the same people twice or more and visit houses more than you need to. By doing this, no wonder hari raya need to be celebrated 1 month in order to cover all houses.

In Islam, Hari raya is only celebrated in one day. True celebration is done during the fasting month itself, like having iftar together with family members or friends to bring closer the ties and bonds among us.

Back to my visitation plan, the formula is simple.

– To have family members that could to gather at one house (each year gather at different house to be fair) instead of going from one house to another. For afterall the actual reason to meet is to bond and seek forgiveness with one another.

– Omit visiting the house of those we meet at other people’s house. Again this is because we have meet.

– Aim to visit those we have not meet especially the eldest in the family and finish the necessary visitation within 2-3 days.

– Once done, routine goes back to normal and we all be at home to welcome guests who wish to come.

That’s all 🙂

Anyway, yesterday night this topic was open for discussion between my husband and I. He said his family would like to go out raya together and I said sure but instead of visiting all the siblings house, why not try my idea, limit the visit to only one siblings house and then we all go out and do visitation to his aunt and uncles house together. This way we can achieve both. Going out together and cover more houses of their elderly in the family cos my husband have many elderly uncles and aunts which we do not get to go cos by the time we finish visiting the siblings houses, the day is over.

Such a pity to me, because the new generation did not get to meet and get acquainted with the other extended family members and know their elderly members of the family.

So I hope, somehow my husband’s siblings will be open to this idea and be happy with the arrangement.

Sometime, change can be a good thing 😉


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