The surprise hug!

Something surprising, sweet and touching happened about a week ago.  I wanted to write about it but somehow every time I got side track.

For the past 22 years of working in the library, this is the first time I was hugged by a library patron.  The reason? She was happy that I had managed to search a few useful articles that she needed at that time.  Really surprising and so sweet 🙂

So the both of us hugged one another and I’m telling you it’s the best reward ever for it was genuine and the hugged itself boost my energy level 😉

Such a sweet lady …. I am sure her character is as warm as her hug.  Glad I could be of service to her ….. in fact I am always glad to be of help to anyone who needs them.

Maybe that is why I love working in the library …. it is a place where at times you can find real emotions, be it in the books or the people we serve.




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