Of sisterhood ….

This morning, the first thing I saw when I was on facebook was this beautiful and touching message from a sister.

“Salaams kak banun ku..busu ku..before ain ngigau lagi kan i better say this..luahan hati ku..bahwa ku merindui mu..ur in my doa always and may Allah shower mercy,happiness and glad tidings to u and family.♥ nak bersua..nak cium..nak peluk.” – the beautiful words written by my cute sister “SN Ain”

May Allah bless her with health, wealth and everlasting happiness, dunia dan akhirat … Amin 40x

I was sooo happy to read it and it  just makes me missed those days sooo very very much.   But things never remain the same isn’t it even if I want it too.. 😦

Each of us has a path to walk, and people goes in and out of our lives every so often whether we like it or not.  Nothing ever remains the same except for change.  Indeed, change is the only constant thing in life.  Even our Iman (faith) goes up and down like the tides.

Still, the memories of my time spent with my sisters-in-Islam is something I will never forget, insyaAllah and something that I treasure a lot.  I love you sissters! To be given the chance to meet and know you all are something I will always be grateful …. Love you!

I missed them … I mssed the circle of knowledge but alas! I am in no position to be in it again … for now I hope.

What the future holds, I shall never know but I can pray and hope I will be back in that circle …. with more wonderful sharing of knowledge and beautiful sisters.

Oohh and you know what? Right now as I look outside the window, it has started to rain … Yeayyy … Alhamdulillah … 🙂

A blessful Friday indeed today ….. Have a great weekend ahead everyone.  May you feel as happy as I am right now …. 🙂

Love the smell of the rain …. gonna put out my hand to feel it …hehee






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