The visit

I’m feeling hot and sweaty…. weather has been hot, scorching hot whole day in fact.  Still even though its hot outside, hubby and I went ahead with the plan to visit his uncle and aunt who had an accident few days ago.

Mak Uda and Pak Uda as we called them, were in the airport carpark, about to ride out and head home, when they were knocked down by another vehicle.  Both suffered fractured in their left limbs.  The uncle had a cast on his left arm and the aunt a cast on her left leg.

The poor dears …. they are one of the few relatives from my husband side that I have great respect and they are such a loving couple.  In fact, it was their eldest daughter, Kak Ina as we called her, who introduced or rather match make me with my husband …. at that time, Abg Siraj (Kak Ina’s husband) was my neighbour.

Anyway, back to the visit.  We went out of the house around 1.30 pm and met my mother-in-law at the void deck of Kak Ina’s block almost near 3 pm later.

When we arrived, I was pleasantly surprise to see my ex-neighbour aunty (Abg Siraj’s mother) and the rest of her family members.  There were lots of hugging and exchange of news for the last we saw each other was more than a decade ago.  I was indeed happy to see all of them and felt it’s such a bless that we came today.

Kak Ina, bless her soul, was a good hostess even though she herself was not in good health.  Seeing her, I can see her strength and that insya’Allah she will overcome her illness soon.

We stayed there for almost an hour and then we made our move.

Syafakallah to all who is sick …. May Allah give them a speedy recovery.  Amin!

From there, we sent mother-in-law home, stayed there till after maghrib and then seeing how tired and breathless husband became due to the outing, I decided we better took a cab home.





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