Sambal belacan

Sambal belacan is a must in most Malay household when having lunch and/or dinner.

In fact, when I was growing up as a child, my late mother would make Sambal Belacan almost everyday.

Like how the Koreans love their Kimchi, the Malays love the Sambal belacan 🙂

It’s simple enough to make it on your own. The ingredients are just red chillies, prawn paste (belacan), a bit of salt (optional). Traditionally, we would pound all the ingredients in a mortar and pestle but now it’s easier to use the blender. Once finely ground, add a bit of lime juice and it’s ready to be eaten.


The mortar and pestle traditionally used to make Sambal Belacan

For me, I like to dip cucumber or winged beans into the sambal belacan….yumsss!

There are actual other varieties and methods to make the sambal belacan…all depends on where you come from cos for instance in Indonesia their Sambal belacan use onions and some would even add ikan bilis (anchovies) to it.

Yesterday, I bought one ready-made bottle of Sambal belacan. I love it! Super tasty and extremely HOT!

Definitely gonna buy again soon 😉




4 thoughts on “Sambal belacan

  1. sriori says:

    Salam Busu.Love sambal belacan but for some reason I cannot eat too much how I used to.Old tummy lah busu.For instant one,I love Sinlong brand.ABC looks very homemade.Busu beli kat mana?

    Oh ya,kita sekarang berjiran.Sila la….hahahhah!

  2. The Servant says:

    Salaam Sri … wah gerek arr kita dah berjiran skrg ni …hehee
    Welcome … Welcome …. 🙂

    Insya’Allah nanti bila kita jumpa busu bawa satu botol utk sri cuba k … mmg sedap tapi minta ampun pedasnya hehehe…

  3. Sri Ismail says:

    Eh tak payah susah2 lah Busu.Yang kat sini pun masih ada setengah botol… mesti dia pakai cili padi kan.Yang singlong pun pakai cili padi.Kita nyer standard pedas below average la busu hihihihi…ni macam kena standby air ais sejuk2 kat sebelah ahak!

    • The Servant says:

      hehehe…standard pedas busu pun tak tinggi juga …mmg kalo mkn yg pedasnya lebih dari diri ni mampu, air bergalon kat sbelah..;)

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