Of temper n moods

On Monday, I managed to fast and when I came back from work, the body and mind felt so tired …But when I reached home I was faced with melodrama starring my youngest daughter as the star!

The moment I stepped into the house, I saw paper balls littering here and there …saw her crying with puffy eyes at the dining table.

Oh no! My heart sank….I’m soo tired …please spare me 😦

Alhamdulillah, thanks to my being in the fasting stage, my temper was slow to rise. Managed to get to the bottom of the drama and solved it soon after.

Then, yesterday, I came home to a totally different scenario.

Stepped into the house, kids were smiling, the eldest even hugged me not once but three times. The second and youngest were cooperative. Phew!!! I sure hope this scenario can be an everyday scene….all the time but as a parent I know better…. So I just smile and be thankful for such days.

What a marked difference ….between Monday and Tuesday! hahaaa

That’s life for a mother I suppose 😉


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