Sunday – 12th May

Today, weather is hot really really hot …

In the afternoon, whole family went to the wedding of my 3rd BIL’s nephew at Yishun …. all of us thoroughly enjoyed eating the food served to us 🙂

hahahaa…there goes my plan to cut down on my food intake …haishhh it’s really a challenge cos I just love my foods 😛

Oh yes! early morning, had a surprised from my youngest. As I’ve written before I don’t celebrate Mother’s day … so it was a surprised to receive the gift from my daughter.

I was touched 🙂


The box with her writtten words 😀

20130512-212308.jpgInside the box, a photo of us together with the words “Selamat Hari Ibu”,

a heart made from pipe cleaner and plenty of heart-shaped colour papers 😀

Thank You WQ …. Love you!!!!

Oh yes! Also from my eldest, I only read it from my facebook, she tagged a photo of both of us with this message :

“Happy mothers day mom !! Thank you for guiding me all this while.. although i have been a pain in the eh hem… I`m grateful to you for all the patience that you had been putting up till now.. I`m sorry for giving you a hard time for the past 16 years.. I will try my best to decrease my stubborn and work on my studies.. I will make you proud one day !! Insya’allah  Lastly HAPPY MOTHERS DAY”

awww… I’m tearing up already …. May Allah guide all of us …. Amin 3x

Ok back to our Sunday, around 3 plus, hubby and me together with my 4th BIL and family, went to the graveyard to visit their father’s grave and our nephew’s grave.  It’s been awhile since my last visit so I was indeed glad my SIL invited us to follow them.

Now, I hope my parents exhumation project will be soon, at least I hope it will begin before the fasting month starts.

Talking about fasting, I still owe 6 days of fasting, I think I better fast tomorrow and hope to finish it by end of this week.  Looking forward to the month of Syaaban and Ramadhan especially …. I hope this year will be better than the last.  May the Almighty make it easy for us to gain His blessings, insya’Allah …. Amin!

ok better turn myself in OR ELSE … the Monday Blues will come visiting …hahaha :))


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