The days that gone by …

The last few days has been eventful.

I dreamt of my late mother… The dream was so real and sad. I ended up crying in the dream and when I woke up, I found myself crying in reality 😦

Mak… I miss you so! ‘sob’

Then I found myself crying again while waiting at the pharmacy. Must either be my hormones, the pain from my left ribcage which has been troubling me at that time or all of these and more.

I have been feeling sad these days and crave for some TLC .

Sometimes I really dunno how I could face other people in a calm and brave front.

Besides the above,I have been breaking down quietly for a while now. I am feeling tired…. Wish I could go for a vacation.

Then on one of the mornings that I was on my way to work, I saw a scene which made me angry and sad.

As I was walking to my bus-stop, I saw a young secondary boy whose mother was hurrying towards him. The mother was reminding him to do something and at the same time holding out his pocket money to him …. What shocked me was this young boy, instead of saying ok and thank you … he said “go to hell’ to his mother. I was stunned to say the least. At that moment I had a strong urged to go up to him and scolded him but I restrained myself.

It’s really sad when such scenerio happens. I wish the younger generation would not treat their family members like dirt…. no matter how bad they may be, a parent should always be spoken with politeness and respect.

Even my children sometimes speak rudely to me and I don’t take it down easily with them. I have always told them that they must always remember to speak with respect to those older than them and not treat everybody in the same manner as they treat they friends.

The world today is indeed different, in fact I would say the social behaviours of children and teenagers these days are getting worse. It’s soo sad 😦

Then last Monday, I accompanied a sister to Woodlands and we saw something scary and quite a shocking to the eyes and ears. This was not my first time but I must say seeing it often does not make it easier either.

Husband is now having diarrhea and look sick. I’m going off to work soon and unfortunately I am not able to accompany him to see the doctor … so he most like have to see the doctor on his own. Can’t help it since there’s lots of work to be done at the office.

Ok got to go now …


2 thoughts on “The days that gone by …

  1. Salam Busu.I love your blog’s new pretty like you!
    I feel for you Busu…you must be missing your mom terribly till you cry for real thereafter.Hang in there ok *hugs* Such is life…pray that you are coping well with things lately at your side.I feel the difficulty n exhaustion but in syaa Allah,every little bit of those going ons…Allah knows and may you be rewarded for your patience,redha and strength amin.Nak sangat jumpa busu satu hari nanti in syaa Allah.Take care of yourself as well ok….much love ❤

    • Salam ‘alaik Sri … Maceh bab suka rupa baru rmh kita ni ;).

      Hais busu minggu ni mcm cenggeng gitu … Kadang2 bual psl benda yg tak sedih pun leh nak nanis …tak suka btl bila mood mcm ni … Pms kot hihi

      Thanks sri for always kasi busu semangat dgn kata2 mu … Mmg sri ni kira busu punya sunshine … Ur comments slalu perk me up ….i feel ur love walau susah btl kita nak jumpa kan 🙂

      Big hugsss to sriberri ku … InsyaAllah nanti kita jumpa juga ya ‘<3

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