Their early years : The youngest child

She is the youngest, and the one whom I always have a pillow talk … more often than with the other two.

Just the other night, she asked me if there are women who live up to 100 years old. I said “yes there are” ….

She asked “Who?”

I said “No idea, but I’m sure there are…”

She then said “I know who …” she said it with a smiling face.

Me : “Who?”

She said : “You … Ibu you will leave up to 100 yrs old!”

Me : “hahaha…no I don’t want to live till that long, why you said that?”

She said “Cos Allah likes you …”

Awww …. That was so sweet and heart-warming to hear …. I smiled and said “Amin…” … and kissed her cheek.

She is that and more …. Many times her sweet nature and heart-warming gesture towards me makes up for when she is being naughty.

The last and youngest in the family … she was born in June 2002. Late by a week, she weighed approx.. 3.4 kg. The heaviest among the three sisters.

As the baby of the family, she was doted by all of us.

When I was pregnant with her, I had wished the baby to be a boy since I have already two daughters …. But Allah knows best what is good for us and He bestowed another daughter instead.

Like her eldest siblings, she was also an easy baby to look after …. Though more active and accident prone.

When she is able to walk by herself … she has this habit of walking and gleefully smiling, she will look ahead but then “wham!” she will knocked herself against the wall …”sigh”

By the age of 7, she had 3 incidents of which 2 required stiches to be done on her. One under the chin and the other on her head. Yet she was never scared nor cried in those situations.

In fact, when the doctor had to stitch the injury on her head, she scolded the doctor for hurting her … “Pain lah”, she exclaimed. The doctor was amazed and said that was the first time she had a child patient that did not cry….hahaa

The one who was in shocked and nervous was me … well who wouldn’t right? Especially since I had to hold her head still while the doctor did the stiches.

Our youngest used to be closed to her eldest sister ….but now both of them can be like cats and dogs … always squabbling. Well, perhaps this is their way to show how close they are without showing it.

With the 2nd sister whom she is closer to in age, there are many moments during their childhood that they spent more times playing together.

She is also an independent girl. At the age of 8 years old, she ironed her own school uniforms without my supervision. That was a shocking discovery for me when I got back from work. I reprimanded her cos I was worried but she confidently told me she could do it and even demonstrated to me. Once I realised that she really could iron her own clothes, the job remains hers to do till this day.

W.Q. is indeed the baby of the family …. Love you so much little one!






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