I started using wordpress for few years now … and I am still loving it. With the availability of the wordpress mobile apps on iphone, it makes writing on-the-go so much easier and faster.

Sometimes, when the mood strikes or there’s a topic I want to write about, yet I am not in front of my PC, then by the time I do face my PC, all the juice for writing has disappeared.  But now with mobile app available, I am always able to write whenever I can and that I can always privatise certain writings if I want.  Thank You WordPress Team! 🙂

I was introduced to writing on a blog by a close friend ….. and till now I have enjoyed doing so.  Not just the writings but the ability to read others’ blogs as well.

It is not so much about wanting to know what every Dick, Tom or Harry doing, not about being a “kepo” but rather whenever I read others’ blogs, I try to sieve knowledge from it.  Day to day event that teach me about the different cultures all over the world, the realisation of how my life is no different from others, the sharing of tips and recipes, sharing of life experiences especially in coping emotional baggage.  I learnt a lot and I am still learning, thanks to the many great bloggers on the net.

As a writer of a blog, and a reader …. of course every time I write or read, I have to remind myself of the correct ethics to do so.  This is an important part of being a net user.

Always must respect the views of others and agree to disagree yet to bear in mind that there is no need to reply or comment unnecessary.  No debating on certain issues either. Just write and read and derive the goodness that I can tap on.

I believe that everything created on this earth has its goodness ….. it’s just a matter of how we want to tap or use the tools for good.



PS : I seem to be writing more when I am not so active in FB …. hehee


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