Their early years : The middle child

Being the middle child is not easy I think, yet the middle child personality can be unique.

Born in the year of the Rabbit, January 2000. She is our first millennium baby. At 3.1 kg, she is fair, very very fair. In fact, she is so fair that when we powdered her face, it became so white (macam tepung korma…hehee, mengingatkan Aziz Satar dalam cerita Seniman Bujang Lapuk …hahahaa)

She is the one who inherited my late mother’s straight hair and her temperament and stubbornness is akin to mine. The one who also inherit my love of books though she still can’t match my reading speed. Though now after having her own handphone, she has been neglecting her books. So sad!

This precious child, at one and a half years old, had an accident that caused two of her fingers to be sadly disfigured. Up till now, I really do not know how it can happened so fast. I was ironing the clothes in the utility room and she was sleeping in the living room. I needed another hanger or two, so I walked past the living room, checked on her (she was still sleeping), then went to the bedroom next to the living room, open the cupboard, grabbed the hangers and went back to the utility room. There, shocked to my core, I saw her standing, she saw me and started crying, and quickly as I could I went up to her and saw her hand under the hot iron. I quickly pull the iron off her and by then, she was screaming in pain. Panicked, I called up to my husband who was sleeping in our room. Hurriedly, we went off to get her treated but it seemed that we were not quick enough for by the time she was properly treated, the skin on two of her fingers are badly scarred. Till now those fingers remained unsightly but thankfully she is still able to use her hand effectively.

When she was 3 years old, I enrolled her in a childcare center. She’s familiar with the childcare center because of her eldest sister and so on her first day on school, she was not afraid and blended so well that the center principal was surprised to know she was new. No tantrums, no crying but cooperation all the way. Her teacher loved her … in fact she was appointed as a role model for her teacher’s thesis but alas! I had to pull her out of the child care by then. Too bad really cos I would really love to read what her teacher would have written about her.

At the age of three, she could hold the sweep in one hand and carry a baby doll in another. She did it so well that her teacher and classmates were impressed. She was indeed a pretty and cute girl. There was one time, during her birthday, the driver of the childcare center together with his wife even bought her a dress as a gift.

My middle child resembles me in temperament so much that sometimes it’s like looking into my past.

You may not realise it, maybe don’t feel it cos it’s always seem like I am always busy with your sisters … But I do love you, in fact you’re the one I worry the most. *hugsss*



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