Their early years : The eldest

Our eldest daughter was born in March 1997. I had her after 4 years of marriage and after 2 miscarriages. It was not easy for me to conceive during my early years of marriage. My first pregnancy was after the second year of marriage and it ended at 3 months (my first miscarriage), then few months later again I got pregnant but again ended in miscarriage. Third time lucky, that was when I was pregnant with her, my little girl whose cheek was soo chubby that right after her birth, the nurses all called her the “hamburger baby”.

She was born at 37 weeks, weighing 2.7 kg. Small in size at first but soon after she put on a lot of weight. I remember how for every 3 hours she will cry for her milk … every time it’s on the dot … 3 hours, cry for milk and these went on till she was 4 months. After which because she got hungry so fast, I had to start feeding her with some cereals which I mixed with her milk (twice a day). At 6 months, she ate the cereals (more solid than previously) 3 times a day.

She was a happy baby. Her first babysitter was my 3td sister (whom she is very close to even now). All the neighbours love to carry her and even made her their photo taking subject. Indeed, her baby photos were more than the other two sisters.

At 8 months old, I stopped her from using the pacifier and she was ok with not having it almost without any fussed.

She started walking at the age of 11 mths. When she was one and a half year old, her great-grandmother (husband’s side of the family) passed away.

As a first child, she was indeed easy to look after. Her temperament was sweet and easy going except if I leave the house without bringing her along, once she saw me walking out of the door, she will start to cry non-stop. I think this is typical of all children.

When she became an elder sister at the age of 3 years old, she was an excited and enthusiastic sister. Always eager to help me with the feeding of her little sister. At every chance that she got, she will hold the bottle to feed her sister.

It was at this age, that she finally stopped using her diapers. Every night, she will wake me up when she wanted to go to the toilet. All I had to do was to just switch on the toilet light, and the rest she will do on her own. She knows how to clean herself very well.

In fact, I would have to say that all 3 of my girls are very independent. It’s easy to teach them to do things on their own when they were kids.

As a child, she was gentle … but now as a teenager, she’s a friendly and dependable friend, strict and fierce sister yet she’s the one I could count on whenever I need help. For I think it’s in her nature, because even at the age of 3, she has always shown concern for me and take care of me when I am sick.

I remember how when I was pregnant with the second one, I vomited a lot and have no appetite. She was the one who when I came out of the toilet will grabbed a towel and wipe my feet dry …. The one who with her chubby hands, fed me with food and who cried when she saw me crying.

A mother could not asked for a better daughter …. I love you N.H.




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