Tuesday, 16th April

Two days straight the weather has been hot and humid.

For the nights, since we do not switch on the aircon, never like to use the aircon so the fans have to work extra hard for us 😉

Yesterday night, after dinner, the husband had heart palpitations. About half an hour later, his temperature rose. Even then, he adamently did not want to take his medicine. I was so exasperated. Luckily, the fever broke not too long and his heart settled down. It looks like he still cannot stretch himself even a bit …. I wonder how long before his condition will be stable.

As for today, so far he looks ok, no fever though the heart did its naughty trick of palpitations once in a while. Otherwise, today went smoothly for all of us.

I had just finished preparing the ingredients for the fish curry which I will be cooking early at dawn …. before I go out to work.



A portion of the ingredients for the fish curry and fried veg that I will be cooking tomorrow


Indeed it is tiring to do cooking everyday, but somehow I have to since the husband is at home and need his 3 meals a day. Frankly, after coming back from home, I just want to rest and not do anything but that’s just a thought ….. definitely not a luxury I can enjoy for a working wife and mother.

Perhaps on Thursday I won’t be cooking since I will be working on a longer shift than usual.

The mother-in-law called me at the office this afternoon, she called just to tell me how happy that her application for financial help with her medical fees has been approved.  I’m glad to hear that … in a way that is also helping us all because it she did not get the financial assistance then she will have to ask from her sons and knowing the situation in the family, I know that will not go so smoothly should it happen.

Indeed, medical fees in Singapore is not getting cheaper. I worry too though I don’t show it.  With the husband out of work till end of this month, and with no idea of whether he will be able to work after that, financial shortage of the family has been on my mind.  I am trying to cope in whichever way I can and definitely will try to do so without needing to seek the help of others …. I am placing my faith in the Almighty.  Somehow I truly believe that in every hardships that He sent our way, He will also send help.   THAT I DO NOT DOUBT!

Rabbi yassir wala tu’assir …..


Ok time to call it a night …. tomorrow another day awaits.  Insya’Allah!


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