Feeling unease

He is on wafarin…. Doctor already advise to stop smoking but today he sneaked out to smoke. I was soooo MAD!!!

Really felt frustrated and mad at him 😦

If he keep doing so and keep ignoring doctor’s advise… I will really not going to bother anymore.

Everytime I look at him….there’s still an unease feeling cos I can see that he still has a long way to go before he can achieve full recovery. This unease feeling does not made it easy for me to cope with my daily life right now. I hope it will go away soon.


2 thoughts on “Feeling unease

  1. Sri says:

    *hugs* I wish I can give you a hug.I can understand your frustration busu.You did what you could n let Allah swt do the rest okay.Terus berdoa n serah padaNya ok Busu.*hugs again*

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