Being thankful…

Having trouble to fall asleep again.

I was on mc yesterday, surprised to be told by the doctor that my blood pressure is high….. Luckily not so high and so he prescribed me with a mild medication for a month. Usually when I felt giddy and had vomitting, it’s due to low blood but not in yesterday’s case.

Maybe its due to stress or perhaps just because I am in my forties. Whatever it is, I’m sure there’s a blessing behind it.

Yesterday, after Isyak congregation, we did recitation of the Ratib Al-Attas. Led by my BIL, we also gave prayers to our family members who has passed on. We included also the names of my FIL and nephew, Hadi Zakaria (his first death anniversary will be on the 21st of this month)

We hope to do this at every Thursday at my house.

I’m also hoping my husband will be discharge from the hospital by tomorrow. Insya’Allah!

My sister was kimd to cook for our family. Thoroughly enjoyed her cooking and truly I feel indebted … A lot to her and her husband. They have been very supportuve and done more than I could wish for.

They knowing about how financially strain we are at this moment, had even paid the N level fees for my eldest daughter.

I don’t think I can say thank you enough to them or even paid back all of their kindness and generosity, so all I hope and pray is that Allah bless them and rewards them handsomely. Amin….

It is true as someone once said, when doing kind to others, do not hope to be repaid by those we help …. instead leave everything to Allah for when in times of need, the help Allah send to us may come from other sources. Ultimately, it’s not the people who actually help us but the Almighty…. We are just tools Allah use to render help to others in need.

Alhamdulillah, and May Allah also rewards handsomely to those who have us in their heart and in their du’as and who has also render their help in one way or another. I am indeed grateful ….


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