Little Hannan

Even before it was confirmed, I already felt it …. Somehow I was very sure but I dare not voice out unless the conversation calls for it. So when finally it was confirmed imagine my joy …. So happy for them 🙂

My little Hannan as I called the yet to be born baby … A name I called mostly in my heart …. I thought it might be uncomfortable for the mother if I keep calling the name in front or during our conversations cos I do not want to give the impression that must be the name for the baby.

Afterall, naming a baby is the right of the parents.

So I called little Hannan only to myself … its a unisex name, suitable for either a boy or a girl … Pronoun as Ha-nnan, it means ‘warm feelings’. May little Hannan grow up healthy, happy and bring hope to the people around him/her. Insya’Allah….. Amin!

Another factor why I called the baby Hannan is because it started with the same letter ‘H’ as the older brother.

Just saying and thinking of little Hannan…. Such warm feelings and love surrounds my heart. Such pure and innocent love …. Alhamdulillah for this great blessings Allah has bestow on us all 🙂

PS : Alhamdulillah husband is doing good and what was dark has lighten up considerably. Syukur amat2 Ya Rabb!


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