Just musings

Time-check : it’s 1.02 am.

I can’t seem to fall asleep…. 😦

What a timing to have insomnia…. Tomorrow or rather I should say later at 5.30 am have to be ready to wake the kids up for school and getting ready to go to work as well. Yet I can’t sleep 😦

Neway, yesterday I received a long distance call. Very long distace 🙂

At around 8.30 am, I was woken by the ringing of my hp. The number looks different with a plus code 7…. I was thinking should I answer? Well, I did after pausing for awhile and to my great surprised, it was my cousin, Jai, from Florida.

She called because she saw my FB post about my husband. i waa touched and was very grateful for her advice and words of encouragement. Thank you kak Jai 🙂

Later in the evening, as I was at the ward, something weird happened.

We had just finished talking with the social medical officer when my husband said he felt cold. I touched his forehead and felt it warm. Alert the nurse and she took his temperature. It was 37.3 …. Not too bad really but my husband really did not look good. My eldest sister and I can see he was sick.

About ten minutes later, I checked again and felt his body definitely warmer than before. Called nurse anc she checked, it’s 37.5

So okay he did show sign of having fever. Then as I looked at the monitor that shows his vital signs, I noticed it was blank… Totally down.

Alerted the nurse, she checked and even unplug and plug in to another socket … Nothing! Still blank.

My husband still looked so sick. Since I noticed he seems to be sleeping, I left the room to have a drink and when I came back… Monitor is working and my husband is up and smiling … It was just 5 mintues ago he looked sick and yet now he looked fine. Even askihg for milo and biscuit.

I asked him … What happen to you? He said ‘what?’ …. Seemed like he cannot even remember having fever. Really it was weird to me cos it happened less than 10 mins and he could not remember.

Ok that’s all for now … Better try to fall asleep …. Many things await me when daylight breaks.


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