The 3rd day…

Reached the hospital around 11am… Found out he had already gone thru with the procedure that the doctor prescribed for him and that he had been sent for a second round again at 9 am.

So while waiting for him to come back to his room … my sisters and I went to have brunch.

When finally able to see him … I was briefed by the doctor that they found the clot to be bigger than what was shown on the CT scan so they had to do the procedure again and another one is schedule for tonight at 8.30pm.

He was grouchy and angry … In pain in fact …his back was hurting from lying too long and there’s lots of pain from the section where incision was done to insert the wiring.

He looks real unhappy but with words that pacify him and words of encouragement given by the nurses, my sisters, BIL and friends who came to visit, he calm down and now he’s asleep ….finally … 🙂

Alhamdulillah, I believe he is now on the way to full recovery, insya’Allah!

On another personal note…..I am taking one day at a time to face whatever coming our way.

My only wish right now is not to be stress by my MIL…. I understand as a mother, she worries for her son but I wish she would also be more attentive to her health and not be so strong in having things done her way.

I want to remain strong and not be waylaid by other things …. so hope I don’t have to face more stress than I can handle.

Tears that are unseen by anyone…. I wish to shed no more 😦

PS: In the evening, there was more visitors, his siblings came and some relatives of mine and his …. he looks happy to see them 🙂  And to mark the end of the day, I went home at 10.30pm. after feeding him his late dinner … first I thought better to take a cab home, but as I saw no taxi around, I made my way down the slope to the bus interchange and took Bus 190 home, in a way I’m glad I can save some money by taking the bus home., with him out of work for now, a penny save is a penny earn 🙂

Finally, I reached home around 11 plus at night.  Totally exhausted ….


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