The waiting

Now sitting in this chair @ SGH…. I am restless yet I know I have to be patience. Hopefully his condition is not serious. Rabbi yassir wala tu’assir …but waiting is never my strong trait 😦

This is what happened before we reached SGH.

I was preparing breakfast when I heard him called out to me from the toilet. I asked “what’s wrong?”

He said ” can’t breath….pain!”

Immediately I said, we are going to the hospital. So i took a quick shower while he sat and slowly breath in and out.

We would have went out earlier but for the fact he stubbornly wanted to take things out from his taxi.

Before that, he even asked forgiveness from all of us … That makes me teary-eyed. Just thinking of it again … Now tears are forming and my sight arre blurred now…. “Taking deep breath”

Okay… To continue, we finally reached the hospital, the nurse did ECG on him and then push him to the Resuscitation & Critical Care. He is still inside while I have no choice but to wait outside for news on him.

I saw him cried inside the taxi and that’s just so heartbreaking “sob”

May he be given full recovery soon … InsyaAllah …. I’m putting everything in Your hands Ya Rabb!



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