Clear soup – Sliced Fish Soup

My family and I …we love eating the sliced fish soup from Banquet Causeway Pt., though now they have rename the place as ‘Bagus’.

Everytime I ate it, I will always comment to my kids that I wonder what’s the recipe for the soup. My eldest urge me to try find out the recipe and make it on my own and so that’s what I did few days ago.

Alhamdulillah, it turns out to be a simple recipe yet it tasted great. My eldest even commented that it taste exactly like the one we ate at Bagus.

Now hearing such good review from my daughters makes me happy, definitely 🙂

Clear soups are one of my favourite cos they taste good, easy to cook and above all they are healthy to eat.

This is how I cook the clear sliced fish soup (sorry no exact measurement cos I just based on my feelings or rather estimate the amount needed) …. Masak main campak2 jer … 😉

Sliced Fish Soup

Wash clean some soya beans and a bit of anchovies. Boil them with water in a medium size pot for about half an hour or more. Leaving it to boil longer is better.

Then add 2-3 slices of ginger. I added soft tofu (cut into small cubes) and the sliced fish. Season with pepper and salt.

To serve I add some roughly shredded lettuce in the bowl and pour in the soup and garnish with fried shallots.

I love my soup to be spicy and so I added a spoonful of diced birds-eye chillies into my bowl.

To make the chillies, mix them beforehand with a bit of light soya sauce and a bit of hot water. Stir and its ready.



2 thoughts on “Clear soup – Sliced Fish Soup

  1. Giuliana says:

    I was looking out for sliced fish soup recipe when I chanced upon ur site.
    I would like to suggest you Jurong Point’s formerly Banquet now Cantine fish sliced soup. Its the bomb. Love the soup and I have eaten causeway points but I tell ya, this one is way better. Slightly pricier by 50 cents but worth it. It’s served in a bigger bowl.


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