Lazy days….

Last 2 weekends, spent time either eating, more eating and when I’m not eating …. I’m watching anime with my children.

Weather has been wet and cold these days and so all of us did not feel like going out. The only time we went out was to visit my MIL or to buy foods …hahahaa

I’m getting heavier arghh!!! Nobody to fault but myself for gorging down food after food…. hehee


The homecook foods : 


epok-epok sayur …. a savoury Malay snack


Ball kentang … yumss

The desserts we had during the CNY weekends


More sweet stuff, nothing beat ice-creams … oh la la!


Finally, a free lunch provided by the Staff Committee @ Orchard Hotel.


Best mushroom food ever … dip with mini fresh loaf …”thumbs UPPP!”


platter of main course … thks to the staff welfare for organising the stafff lunch 🙂


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