In loving memories ….

Working late tonight and it’s raining now, getting heavier by the minute. The start of February has been cool and wet. Alhamdulillah!

This coming Thursday, 7th Feb, will mark the 100th day of my father-in-law’s demise. This time round, the prayers for him will be done at a mosque. Remembering him, I realised that I do missed him. How time do flies by!

To commemorate his 100 days, my husband and I decided to have a prayer session (tahlil and recitation of ratib) for him too this coming Saturday, just a few of us. At first we thought of having on Thursday itself but did not find it possible cos it’s a working day.

Then on the 18th Feb, will be the 5th birthday of my late nephew, Little Hadi Zakaria. He would have been 5.

I missed Hadi, I have to admit, he was the only one nephew from my husband’s side that I am close to … well was but then I still feel close to him even now …. Never been a day passed that I have not thought and missed him.

In remembrance of his 5th birthday, I had written a poem, dedicating it just for my handsome little boy! 🙂

May Allah bless his beautiful soul …. Al-fatihah!


February is now upon us
It reminds me of your birth
Your presence has been such a bless
Even for the short time you are on this earth!

Hadi, you would have been five
A smart and cheery boy!
I imagine you being alive
Smiling and playing with joy!

Happy birthday Little Hadi
Happy happy 5th birthday to you!
I wish you happiness wherever you be!
Never doubt that I love you too!


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