Stain : reflection of the day!

I  was having my breakfast this morning, eating spicy fried noodles when a piece of the noodle drop onto my scarf.  It left a marked. Very unsightly, I did not like it.

I tried to wash off the oil stain but not very successful …. Arrrgghhh!!!

No choice but to go through the day with it …. Really an eyesore L

Then as I was sitting at the information desk, doing my duty at the counter, it sank on me that this stain was really a reminder.

Let’s look at it in a different perspective.  What if the stain is a bad habit or character or bad deeds of someone?   What if after all these years of knowing a person, as someone who is kind, truthful and basically good.  Then one day, you saw or became a victim of this person bad deed or sayings etc.  What would your reaction be?

Would it be repulse? Hurt and disappointment? …. Then after the matters has settle down, are you still able to look at the person as per usual?

Then what if when you think all can be back to normal … it happened again, somehow you get to know that the person had been to a mutual friend and even instigate that friend not to befriend you…how do you feel?

Will you try to avoid the person and distance yourself from he/she as best you can?

Somehow when I was reflecting on the stain, I realised that human behaviours are such … the stain is like a representative of our bad, so when it happens usually people will ONLY see  THE STAIN … time and time again … really like an eyesore! …. The other parts that was not stain will not even be noticeable,

Therefore, I realised that I must train myself to look differently next time when I face such a scenario.  Be it that the stain belongs to me or to others, I must not forget that I must try my best to look beyond the stain and that it is human to err.

Another important factor, is the ability to sincerely forgive others and myself.  For only with the acknowledgement of forgiveness and willingness not to let the bad conquer the good of others and in myself, can we move on with our life.

hah! But it’s easier said than done …. hmmm



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