Happy 13!

Today is my second daughter’s birthday …. Age 13 in the year 2013.  Our millennium baby, how she has grown.

Happy birthday H.R. …. May Allah s.w.t. bestow upon you :

– Taufiq and Hidayah

– Knowledge of the Deen

– Good characters

– Strong, healthy mind and body

– Happiness all through your life, dunia dan akhirat!

We love you and we believe in you!

You are the middle child and as such I know you have felt lonely most of the times, thinking that “your mother only focus more on the elder and youngest” but that is not true.  You have equal share in my thoughts and deeds, but since you are more independent and less “loud” than the other two, it can be seen as such.  Never doubt that your father and I love you so much and that we always have your interest at our heart.  As I’ve said before, among the three, you are the one I worry most because you are too much like me, independent and a loner.  Today is your day, and I’m sorry there’s no birthday cake whatsoever but I do hope you like the small present from us.

Happy birthday My Love …. Happy 13!

May Allah s.w.t  bless you till Jannah!





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