A fall and a lesson…

Had a fall last night while on the way to the religious class with my kids. Now whole body ache and the area around my thumb (left hand) is swollen.

Luckily I could still walk so we continue with the class. I’m glad I did not miss the class for yesterday’s topic was really good for the soul.

Yesterday lesson was a good reminder to always remember… Whatever bad deeds someone did, dislike the sin, not the sinner for everyone including yours truly is never far from committing sins and there’s always a chance to change for the better for “For every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”

Another reminder is for the children to remember that when parents told them to do their prayers, to mind their behaviour etc…. Do not be angry but be reminded that these actions shows that their parents care and love them and that they are indeed precious.

it takes time to mould someone to the right path …. Need to have patience and wisdom to bring and guide someone to be righteous.

All these are good reminders and lessons for me as a parent. I have to also bear in mind that I have to also keep changing for the better and not just focussing on my kids and neglecting myself.



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