These are quotes I read via the twitter. A good read and tools for reflections especially when one is facing with the trials and tribulations of life.

To the one who shared these, jazakallahu khairan.

“Allah warns us that this life is a test and hardships is never far away. But also He gives us the exact recipe to overcome it: sabr plus taqwa.”

“Hardships divide between those who are truthful from those who are false. Because when we are tested is when our true character shows.”

“Hardship is a wake up call. It shakes us and remind us of who is in control.”

“Hardships is a lesson in humility. It is a purification that brings people back to their Lord.”

So if we are to sit and reflect, hardships that happen is where we learn more in depth about life and the key to rediscover our ties with the Creator. It’s a lesson that we have to learn to remember so that in future,  we learn to  apply the lesson.

When doors are closed, remember there will always be a silver lining awaiting somewhere. Hope and strive.



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